Prayer Request & Prayer Wall

How can we be praying for you this week? Pray for other requests here.

One of the best things about being a part of a church family is that you don't have to do life alone. If you have a prayer request or an answer to prayer that you'd like to share with us, simply share it with us below, and we'll be praying for you this week.

Prayers Requests Submitted:



(Via Facebook Messenger) I am doing very rough emotionally. Don’t remember ever hurting this much. Also My youngest had breast surgery for cancer and she’s lost.


Church Staff

Sally Straight reached out to the church just moments ago regarding her husband, Carl, who is in critical condition. He is currently at Knox Hospital battling heart failure and fluid in his lungs. Sally conveyed that the doctors have exhausted all options. She is understandably overwhelmed. Let's come together in prayer for a miracle for Carl and for God to grant Sally strength and peace during this uncertain time.


Lisa Boggs

Thanking God today, for his mercy and grace in our lives. May we always seek Him first and wait on Him. ♥️


Karyn Grieser

Surgery on 2/26. Pray for the medical team to be guided by God and for me to use this for the glory of God. Thanks much.



(Via Facebook Messenger) Pray for me tomorrow. I'm having surgery. I'm scared.i have been through a lot. Thank you for the prayers watching from home. I miss you all God bless


Ruth Church

Please pray for my Mother Lucille Conard she has the covid no fever 🙏



I'm having surgery on the 20th of February. Hernia surgery. I'm scared. Keep me in ur prayers. Thank u


Steve Moore

Wife and I are home with covid.


Ruth Church

Please pray for my cousin her name's Melinda she's in really bad condition she's in the hospital. I don't know what is going on, but I'm asking for prayer for her she is saved so please pray for her and I think she does have MS


Bob Butler

Please pray for Jill Cryder’s daughter, Rachael. She may have lupus in addition to other serious health issues.


Betty Richards

Facebook request: Please pray for me. I have a respiratory infection, and I'm not doing well. Thank u


Ruth Church

I have a praise report I ask you all too pray for Corey my niece's husband he just had surgery on a vow and his heart and he came out of it really good and I thank God for all that and I think you guys for all your prayers