Prayer Request & Prayer Wall

How can we be praying for you this week? Pray for other requests here.

One of the best things about being a part of a church family is that you don't have to do life alone. If you have a prayer request or an answer to prayer that you'd like to share with us, simply share it with us below, and we'll be praying for you this week.

Prayers Requests Submitted:


Lou Ann Veatch Wolford

My friend Sue’s husband, Bob in very critical condition at OSU ICU.


Donna Choulat

Please pray for my cousin Rebecca and her one year old daughter Amelia, they have both been very ill with COVID. They live in Alaska and need our prayers


Donna Choulat

Please be in prayer for my brother in law Tony Ortiz, he just had a kidney transplant on the 6th. He is having problems with his blood and was just transported back to OSU


Ruth Church

Please pray for my daughter in law Krissy, her uncle Ronnie is on his way to the hospital with a possible cardiac arrest


Lou Ann Veatch Wolford

Tim’s cousin, Dave Carpenter died unexpectedly on Saturday. He was 62yrs old and just retired last summer.


Barb Taylor

Pray for me this week has I get ready to pack to go on airplane ride to Florida. November 13 coming back December 7. Remember in your prayers when gone God keeps safe. Thank you


Lee Baughman

Please continue to lift me up in prayer, I will be seeing yet another Oncologist, this one deals with the arteries and veins. He will also be dealing with my spleen which is getting tumors on it. My lymph nodes are enlarged in my neck as well, per my GP. #STILL STANDING ON THE PROMISES OF GOD


Donna Choulat

Update on my sister Brenda and her husband Tony’s transplant surgery today, the surgery went well as my sister graciously gave her kidney to her husband. They are both receiving tonight at OSU



Pls. pray for me and many loved ones in great need of healing and for an end to covid and protection for all from it and pls. pray for our country


Donna Choulat

Please be in prayer for my sister Brenda and her husband Tony as they will be going through a kidney transplant surgery in the morning. I will be with her and want to make sure my words, are HIS Words


Ruth Church

Please pray for my granddaughter Emmy’s husband Josh. Today he lost his grandmother and now his uncle David is in the hospital in need of a heart transplant


Lucille Conard

Please pray for my relative Vicky, she is in serious condition and wants prayer

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