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How can we be praying for you this week? Pray for other requests here.

One of the best things about being a part of a church family is that you don't have to do life alone. If you have a prayer request or an answer to prayer that you'd like to share with us, simply share it with us below, and we'll be praying for you this week.

Prayers Requests Submitted:


Lou Ann Wolford

Appreciate your prayers for our Sister-in-law, Barb Moore. She’s had a setback and was readmitted to the hospital in SC. She was only home one day and her oxygen level dropped and she has fluid in her lungs. She had triple by-pass surgery 9 days ago........


Lou Ann Wolford

Please pray for our sister-in-law, Barb Moore who is having unexpected triple by-pass heart surgery tomorrow. This is Steve's wife (Tim's brother) and they are members of our church who recently moved down to South Carolina but they faithfully watch our Services EVERY week as they have NOT found a church down there yet. She was hospitalized on Monday for high blood pressure and chest discomfort, and had a Stress Test yesterday which she flunked, had Heart Cath this morning with findings that she has triple vessel disease. She asked for all to pray for her please. Thank You!


Lucille Conard

Update on my nephew Bob, with much prayer he was released from the hospital, and is at home recovering


Lucille Conard

Please pray for my niece’s husband Bob Kocher, he is in the hospital in pretty bad shape and my niece is upset she can’t be with him. They are both born again, and are in their 70’s

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